About Me

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Growing up I was always a fan of crafting and art (mainly painting and drawing). While I was in college I slowly got away from my hobby as I was bogged down with homework, friends, and working. So by the time I graduated, my hobby was sadly a distant memory. 

Fast forward to September 2009 when I was married to the love of my life in the Mesa Arizona Temple. 

In October 2009 I started feeling like I had a sinus infection or something because the left side of my face (where my sinus is) was hurting all of the time and I had a constant headache. I waited until November to see a doctor. From there I was bounced from dentist to doctor, to dentist and finally a TMJ doctor in February 2009 when I was finally diagnosed with TMJ and arthritis in my left jaw joint. 

The pain was so horrible all of the time that I knew I needed to find something to help me take my mind off of it. I started making baby blankets for my friends who were having babies at that time. That snow balled into me starting to draw again and then I decided to cut up my husband's particle board (that he had not touched in 2 years) and I started making Christmas signs (in late October 2010). My crafting really helped me take my mind off of my pain. I was also able to sell the majority of my Christmas signs which was an added bonus. With that money I bought myself a Silhouette SD so I could make even more crafts. In November 2010 I had TMJ surgery as my joint deteriorated faster than my doctors or I could imagine. I was out of work until January 31, 2011. My recovery has been slow, but I can feel a big difference between my jaw now and what it was before. 

Between having an amazing husband, my faith and crafting, my life has improved and I was able to make it through this huge trial. It was also at this time that I started my blog. 

Thank you again for stopping by! I would love for you to be a follower. Have a wonderful day!