Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first attempt at etching glass didn't go over so well (as I mentioned in a previous post). So I watched a few YouTube videos and read a few more blogs and decided the reason mine didn't turn out nice was because I didn't put enough of the etching cream on!

So, I took out another glass plate and decided to put one of those oh so trendy birds and a berry branch on it. I made my own bird silhouette from a bird that we saw at Animal Kingdom in WDW. So this is the original picture:

And made this image with my silhouette sd (I forgot to take a picture of the vinyl image on the plate so this is a picture from my screen):

Cut out the vinyl, removed the actual image so I just had the stencil, stuck it to my plate, and covered it with etching cream:

I washed off all of the goop, took off the vinyl and had this as my final product!:

Not too shabby, huh? I was pretty excited about it. Since this plate turned out well, I felt it was time to start my real project. I wanted to put a glass etched rose on a vase. And this is how it turned out:

I really like it! I was going to add the flowers I bought at Michael's to this vase, but they didn't look very good. So I took out the flowers Joseph gave me for Valentine's day last year (they were still drying in my closet), and placed them in the vase. At the bottom I added my red berry vines. I think it looks pretty great! Too bad the roses aren't alive ;) Then I think the vase would look perfect!

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  1. Those look lovely! I'm getting ready to try my hand at etching soon... Thanks for the heads up on using enough of the cream!