Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wipe Your Paws

Once I was done with the little projects I was so excited to do with my new Silhouette SD, I decided to come up with some creative vinyl projects. So, I took a picture of my sweet dog, Sammy. (I can't find the actual picture I used for this project, but here is a cute one all the same :))

Then I transformed it into a silhouette. I also downloaded a doggie font that is made out of bones and created a sign to go above his doggie door. Here's what I made. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Sigh, if only he really could (or would) wipe his paws and brush all of the dead grass off his back. Then I wouldn't have to vacuum every day! LOL. It's ok though, we still love him.

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  1. I love love love this! We got a golden retriever puppy for Christmas and now at 16 weeks we still try to get her to wipe her paws. It's so adorable!

  2. Very cute. I'm so drooling over your Silhouette. It's still on my wish list.

    Thanks for stopping by at em-belle-ish :)

  3. ok, that is the cutest thing! we have a cat door that leads to our sunroom (not outside) but that is still a cute idea! i like that i'm not the only one who used vinyl for their pet-i have something over her food bowl that says i love mew. (it was really cheap from michaels) too funny!

  4. What a cute sign!
    And I totally understand the keeping one foot outside the covers to regulate body temperature while sleeping--I get sooo hot when I'm sleeping. Not sure what happens, but my husband calls me 'the furnace.' =)

  5. How cute is this!! I think my doggies need a wipe their paws sign!